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This year marks the 5th Anniversary of the Inaugural LPV Class!  We were formed in 2010 to build a cadre of interconnected emerging and existing leaders to address the challenges and opportunities of the entire Pioneer Valley.  LPV's mission is to identify, develop, and connect diverse leaders to strengthen the Pioneer Valley.

The inaugural class launched in October of 2011 and each year a new class of roughly 30-40 participants begins in September and graduates the following June.   Our region's future depends on good leadership.  LPV is empowering leaders with the tools they need to move us forward.  

Our Program Graduates

    • Take on leadership roles in all employment sectors
    • Make deep and more diverse connections
    • Are more engaged in their jobs and communities
    • Start new businesses and community initiatives




Check out some highlights from LPV's Celebration of Leadership on Masslive!

Seen@ the Leadership Pioneer Valley Fifth Anniversary gala

Leadership Pioneer Valley celebrated five years of the program's graduates, employers and partners at a gala on Thursday, Nov. 3 at Gateway City Arts in Holyoke. A night of networking, interactive activities and speeches, the event featured Judge Glenda Hatchett, a Mount Holyoke alumna, founder of The Hatchett Firm and former star of the television show "Judge Hatchett," as keynote speaker.

  • Experience a personal transformation... establish strong networks... initiate healthy community change. Complete the online application - tell us about yourself and describe your commitment to growth and regional leadership.

  • Know a great candidate for Leadership Pioneer Valley? Use the online application to nominate your candidate for this inclusive and collaborative leadership program.

  • Sponsor a participant... support the curriculum... There are many ways for your to support the collaboration and regional change fostered by Leadership Pioneer Valley.

1 Federal Street, Bldg. 101, Springfield, MA 01105 | Phone: 413-737-3876