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LPV In the News

LPV’s December article in the African American Point of View on page 14.

We are quoted in an article (page 35) on Valley Gives in the December 3rd issue of Business West.

Why Blog??

Lora has asked me to contribute to the LPV blog. And, because I’m the Chair and feel a sense of obligation, I said I would. But that then raised the obvious question – what do I blog about? My answer to myself was, whatever I want. And so, for my first blog here’s what I want to say.

I hope everyone will contribute to this blog. And by everyone I mean past and present participants, Steering Committee members, supporters, sponsors, suppliers, faculty – anyone. because this is a place where we can all express our opinions and suggestions about how to make LPV and by extension the Pioneer Valley the sparkling jewel that all of us believe it to be.

It is the thoughts and opinions of everyone that will make it so. Do you have an opinion about the program? Say it. Do you have a suggestion for improvement? Say it. Are you pleased about something? Say it. Are you frustrated about something? Say it. Do you have an insight into one of the valley’s challenges? Say it. And so forth.

Blogs only help build when they are positive. If you have a gripe or an issue with someone, don’t post it here. Leaders don’t air their problems in public. They deal with them privately with an eye toward resolution – just what we all want our government to do right now!!

Leadership Pioneer Valley represents the bright hope for the future of our valley. This valley is home to and belongs to everyone, not just a few. It’s future is in the hands of all of us. Our job is to be a catalyst, to unlock the potential of our people and our rich resources. But no one can do that in isolation. This valley needs your voice and your creative commitment and your energy.

This blog is a great place to bring all that together and to “connect” for the benefit of the entire region. So blog away, leaders!!

Class of 2011-12 Project Presentations

We are glad to have just posted all 6 team project presentations from the recent class of 2011-12.  Each team did a great job presenting the culmination of their 9 months working together.  Enjoy!

Class of 2012-13 Photos

We just updated our Flickr with new photos from the kick-off reception last month.  More than a hundred people gathered to help launch our latest class of 40.  It was an exuberant evening featuring our alumni welcoming the new class and new class members getting to know one another


On Board Event

We are excited about the upcoming OnBoard event on October 25th at the BB Hall of Fame.  This is a great opportunity for folks interested in joining a board of directors to meet organizations that are looking for board members.  It is like a board speed dating event without all the drama.  Details at OnBoard.

Meet the new class

Leadership Pioneer Valley Announces 40 Members of 2012-13 Class

 Class members are eager to make a difference in the Pioneer Valley

 Chicopee, MA– Leadership Pioneer Valley (LPV) officially kicked-off the 2012-13 leadership development class of 40 emerging and established leaders last night at its “Reach Beyond Opening Reception” at the MassMutual Conference Center in Chicopee.

2012 Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy Released

Earlier this week the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission release its annual Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  This massive report is an in-depth look at the 43 cities and towns comprising Hampshire and Hampden Counties.  It includes strategic goals and progress towards those goals along with data on everything from income to high school drop out rates.